A Health Champion

“Inadequate clean water and long distance covered to access water are major hindrance to health in this community” says Nelly Lekaikum, a 21 year old small scale business woman in Sirata.

The mother of two and a member of the Sirata Women Group is one of the community members who benefited from a dish rack that was constructed by the WASH project in the district.

Before the construction of the dish rack, Nelly used to dry her utensils outside on the ground. At this time, her family suffered from frequent bouts of diarrhoea. From health talks carried out by the Amref Health Africa WASH personnel, she understood why her family suffered from diarrhoea.

“I am grateful for the dish rack in my Manyatta. Ever since it was constructed the cases of diarrhoea in my Manyatta have reduced.”

She also appreciates the community toilets constructed by the project and she has even gone the extra mile to construct a leaky tin in her homestead that she encourages her husband and children to use after visiting the toilet.

Nelly understands that for the community to prosper health wise, they need to be empowered and educated on proper hygiene and sanitation practice. She lobbied her fellow women group members to educate and inform community members on the importance of proper health, hygiene and sanitation practices.

“I am happy that most of the women in the community testify to either boiling or treating their drinking water and have also started constructing dish racks and digging refuse pits in their Manyattas.”

Nelly is grateful for the water kiosk constructed in Sirata. The water kiosk sells water at an affordable price of Ksh2 per 20 litre jericans.  She acknowledges that the kiosk has reduced the distance they had to travel to fetch clean water and the community has adequate water for bathing at least once a day.

She thanks the Amref Health Africa WASH project and hopes that the knowledge of proper hygiene and sanitation practices they imparted will be of use and that the cases of water related diseases such as trachoma, diarrhoea and cholera will be history in Sirata community.

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