Elizabeth Wala

Ending Obstetric fistula via a human rights approach – Amref Health Africa in Kenya Experience

Elizabeth Wala 25/10/2017

Obstetric fistula is a severe maternal morbidity which can affect any woman or girl who suffers from prolonged or obstructed labour without timely access to an emergency Caesarean section. It is one of the most devastating consequences of neglected childbirth and a stark example of health inequity in the...

George Oele

CHWs– A Call for Integration into the Formal Health Workforce

George Oele 05/10/2017

For decades, Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been delivering primary health services in hard-to-reach regions of the world. While the term CHW and Community Health Volunteers (CHV) have been used interchangeably to mean the same thing, in Kenya, the use of the term ‘volunteer’ means that they are not...

Meshack Ndirangu

Crusade critical in achieving universal health cover

Meshack Ndirangu 04/10/2017

The recent enactment of the Health Bill (2015)—now the Health Act—is welcome news for Kenya. It has taken up some of the priority issues dominating discourse in the healthcare sector and given them the full backing of the law. One such issue, which is of particular importance to Kenya...

Githinji Gitahi

Cholera outbreak reminder that healthcare is a shared responsibility

Githinji Gitahi 19/09/2017

The resurgence of cholera in several parts of Kenya, as signaled by the recent outbreak involving at least 95 police officers in Nairobi, has revived national discourse about the disease. As at August 15, 2017, cholera had affected 2,210 people in 16 counties and resulted in 32 preventable deaths,...

Joachim Osur

Community Health Workers: Forgotten No More

Joachim Osur 31/05/2017

They crisscross the villages, urban settlements, hills, valleys and planes, sometimes on foot, sometimes on bicycles. They wear T-shirts with health messages. They carry a bag containing tablets, syrups and health information materials. They mobilize communities to go for vaccination. They distribute mosquito nets. They supply contraceptives. They accompany...

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