Emergency box

Cholera mainly spreads through eating food or drinking water contaminated with the infectious agent. To protect yourself from cholera infection:
1. Wash hands with running water and soap before eating, after visiting the toilet, and before cooking.
2. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking  
3. Whenever possible eat your food while it’s still hot.  
4. Avoid eating food from unhygienic premises  
5. Only drink water that has been treated. As a safety precaution, boil drinking water fetched from the tap or treat it using appropriate chemicals.
6. Faeces and vomit from every person including children must be safely disposed in a toilet. Faeces poses the greatest transmission risk for cholera   
7. Flies and dust can carry cholera germs to food. Keep food covered at all times.  
8. Disinfect any materials or clothes contaminated with faeces or vomit using appropriate chemicals.