Amref Health Africa at the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health


Amref Health Africa is pleased to be participating in the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health [] from November 13 to 17, 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.  

The Forum, co-hosted by Trinity College Dublin, Irish Aid, the Irish Department of Health and Health Service Executive, the Global Health Workforce Network and the World Health Organization, brings together experts from around the world under the theme “Building the health workforce of the future.”
Join Amref Health Africa in the Exhibition at booth #12 throughout the Forum where we will be sharing our lessons on innovative training for frontline health workers. 

Amref Health Africa at 




Dr Githinji Gitahi - Group CEO, Amref Health Africa

African Solutions to Leadership, Management and Innovative Training: Does Africa Have the Answer?

Government Representative

Political Leadership to Strengthen Health Systems Accountability and Efficiency: Myth or Reality?

GSK Representative

What is the Role of the Private Sector in African Solutions?

USAID Representative

Donor Funded Initiatives, What next?

Dr Peter Ngatia – Moderator 

Q&A Session

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Amref Health Africa Presentations at #HRHForum2017

Tuesday, November 14
Topic: From Evidence to Policy: The Emerging WHO Guidelines on Health Policy and System Support for Community Health Workers (CHWs).
Who: Dr Githinji Gitahi - Group CEO Amref Health Africa
Time: 9.00 – 10.30 am (GMT)
Venue: TBA
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Thought Provokers Session - Human Resources for Health (HRH) Crisis: Stepping up Africa’s Solutions (Amref Side Event)
Who: Keynote Speaker: Dr Jim Campbell - Director of the Health Workforce Department, WHO
Panelists: Dr Githinji Gitahi – Group CEO Amref Health Africa; GSK representative; Government Representative; USAID Representative 
Moderator: Dr Peter Ngatia – Vice Chancellor, Designate, Amref International University (AMIU) 
Time: 18:20-20:00 hrs
Venue: Mezzanine Room, Herbert Park Hotel, Ballsbridge Dublin 4 Ireland
The panel will debate on whether investment by governments and development partners in scaling up tested African solutions in Leadership, Management and Governance strengthening is necessary. Also, the panel will discuss the use of eLearning and mLearning as forefront strategies to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. They will further interrogate opportunities and challenges in the context of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
Thursday, November 16
A Purview Of The Future: East, West, and Southern Africa’s Experience in Improving Health Worker Performance through Innovative Approaches (Oral Presentation)
Who: Diana Mukami – Amref Health Africa, Institute of Capacity Development 
Venue: Minerva room
13 - 17, November 2017: Posters
The NCD Crisis in Sub-Sahara Africa: Scaling up Numbers and Skills of Health Workforce for Effective Management and Control of Diabetes and Childhood Asthma in Kenya (Poster Presentation)
Who: Dr Anastasiah Kimeu – Amref Health Africa, Institute of Capacity Development 
Venue: Hall 3
Community Health Workers (CHWs) as Core Agents to Address Non-Communicable Diseases: The South African Experience (Poster Presentation)
Who: Boniface Hlabano – Amref Health Africa in South Africa
Venue: Hall 3
Leap: A Platform That Increases Access to Knowledge and Skills among Community Health Workers (Poster Presentation)
Who: Peter Waiganjo – Amref Enterprises
Venue: Hall 3
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