Marie Kinyanjui

Face-to-face with a mother in labour

Marie Kinyanjui 28/07/2014

The strength of a woman is not only seen by the decisions she makes or the authority she portrays in top management, but also in this one place, the delivery room…dum dum duuuumm!!! Brace yourself! I got an opportunity to work closely with the Amref Virtual Training School team...

Betty Muriuki

How I lost my marbles (temporarily)

Betty Muriuki 25/01/2013

I have recently returned from a visit to Amref Health Africa’s programmes in South Omo. I must confess that at one point during the visit I was quite convinced that before we try to reconnect anyone with their health systems, we must find someone to reconnect Amref with its...

Gaye Agesa

The journey to ensuring ‘Zero AIDS related deaths’

Gaye Agesa 03/12/2012

Eight percent of the children under 5 who die in sub-Saharan Africa die from AIDS, and 19 percent of all people living with HIV/AIDS are children. AIDS has affected and infected many lives. But through the years, science has taught us not to despair because it is an epidemic...

Dr Teguest Guerma

Why Stand Up for African Mothers?

Dr Teguest Guerma 19/11/2012

The Stand Up for African Mothers campaign is very important, both to AMREF as an organisation and to me personally. For AMREF, it is important because it is going to make a real impact on the lives and health of African women. It will save lives by raising funds...

Gaye Agesa

One Reason to Stand Up for African Mothers

Gaye Agesa 19/11/2012

Article 25 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifically states that motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care While there are tremendous advances in the quality of healthcare in the recent past, maternal death during childbirth may seem to be a concern of the past....

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