Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

The Amref Health Africa International Health Conference has the vision of being a platform for scholars, programme leaders, advocates and other professionals to share their knowledge, experiences and scientific research results on health in Africa. The conference aims at bringing together partners from academic institutions, NGOs, governments and individual experts in the health sector from the globe and specifically from Africa.  The three-day conference will focus on exchanging of scientific results and debates on strategic ideas and application of knowledge for increased effectiveness of healthcare provision and global influence for African healthcare development and rights. It is also envisaged that the conference will contribute in the search for solutions to the health concerns of Africa in healthcare financing, human resources for health, community systems strengthening and the post 2015 unfinished health agenda.

Date: November 24-26, 2014 
Venue: Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya 
Theme: From Evidence to Action: Lasting Health Change for Africa
Tracks: Abstracts submitted should fall into any of the following five tracks. Please choose the track which best describes the subject of your abstract. The conference tracks are:
Track 1: Reproductive health and maternal and neonatal child health
Track 2: HIV TB and Malaria
Track 3: Environmental and water resource management
Track 4: New and emerging health priorities: NCDs and NTDs 
Track 5: Innovation, technology and health 
Please note that the abstracts should focus on the scientific evidence generated from research and project/programme evaluations conducted by the authors.  Abstracts are welcome from across the globe.

Abstract Submission Guidelines 
The maximum word count for abstract submissions is 300 words. Please do not send supplementary materials (photos, articles or reports) with your abstract. 

The submitting author will receive an email message confirming the receipt of the abstract.
All abstracts must be submitted in English.
Abstracts to be submitted at
The conference accepts the following two abstract formats; the scientific format and the best practices (programme/ project) format.  
1. Scientific format
This structured abstract includes the following sections: background, objectives, methods, results, conclusions and recommendations.

Background: indicate the purpose and objective of the research, the hypothesis that was tested or a description of the problem being analysed or evaluated.
Methods: describe the setting/location for the study, study design, study population, sampling, data collection and methods of analysis used.
Results: present as clearly and detailed as possible the findings/outcome of the study, with specific results in summarised form. Inclusion of gender breakdown of data is strongly encouraged.
Conclusions and Recommendations: briefly discuss the main outcome of the study. Emphasise the significance of the track selected. 
2. Best practices (project/ programme) format
This structured abstract includes the following sections: issues, description, lessons learnt, and recommendations.
Issues: a summary of the issue(s) addressed by the abstract 
Description: a description of the intervention, project, experience, service
Lessons learned: conclusions and implications of the intervention or project. Data that supports the lessons learned and evidence must be included.
Next steps: possible next steps for implementation or recommendations
Please note the following additional information about the abstracts:
  • The number of authors per abstract is unlimited. However, only one author can be listed as the presenting author.
  • Use a Times New Roman font minimum size 12 when formatting your text.
  • Tables, figures, literature references, and acknowledgments should not form any part of the abstract’s content.
  • Define all abbreviations and concepts in your abstract at first use.
  • Include 3-5 key words
  • Save the file as a Word 97-2003 document
The accepted abstracts will be made or presented using 2 formats: 
  1. Oral presentations
  2. Poster presentations 

Abstract Review and Deadlines
All abstracts must be received by the Amref Health Africa international conference scientific planning committee by July 25, 2014 at 12.00 midnight (Kenyan time)

Abstracts acceptance/ decline notices will be sent by August 15, 2014

Late breakers submission shall be open from August 18, 2014 to August 29, 2014 
Abstract presenters are required to be registered for the conference by September 30, 2014 to hold a presentation slot on the meeting agenda.
All abstracts that follow submissions guidelines will be reviewed, selected and assigned by the scientific planning committee for either oral or poster presentations. All decisions are final.
Notifications will be emailed only to the corresponding author who submitted the abstract submission.

Amref Health Africa Young Researcher Scholarships

The scholarship provides nine awards towards the cost of travel and registration to attend the 2014 Amref Health Africa International Conference.

Scholarship applications are open to students undertaking PhD or masters degrees who demonstrate potential to contribute to the field of public health systems research.

Those wishing to be considered should apply for the scholarship during submission of abstracts.

Contact Information
If you have any enquires regarding your abstract, kindly contact the scientific sub-committee using the email: