Banking on Women

Maternal mortality in Kenya currently stands approximately 488 deaths per 100,000 live births, which amounts to 20 women a day dying as a result of complications related to Pregnancy or child. This alarming statistics saw the Chase Group Foundation which is committed to the calls of women in Africa donate Ksh.30 million cheque to Amref Health Africa towards the Stand for African Mothers Campaign today.

Amref Health Africa`s Director General Teguest Guerma receives a cheque of Kshs 30 million this morning from the Chase Bank General Manager Parmain Ole Narikae towards the Stand Up for African Mothers campaign.

The Stand for African Mothers campaign was launched in October 2011 to increase the number of trained midwives, draw attention to the plight of African Mothers and to mobilise citizen Worldwide to ensure that mothers get the basic medical care they need during the pregnancy and childbirth. The campaign aims to train 15,000 midwives in Africa.

Amref Health Africa Director General Dr Teguest Guerma thanked the Chase Group Foundation for reaffirming its commitment in support African mothers and emphasized that the campaign will run till 2018 so as to achieve the set goals. She also called for other stakeholders to collaborate to enhance the maternal health and to use platforms such as the Stand Up for African Mothers Campaign to work towards attaining the Millennium Development Goal 5.

While presenting the Ksh.30 million cheque, Parmain Ole Narikae  the General Manager Chase Group Foundation noted that most cases of women dying from complications in pregnancy and childbirth were due to inaccessibility to trained health care and functioning health facilities. He thanked the Amref fraternity for setting up the Amref Virtual Training School for midwives who can save a mother’s life during child birth.  He also noted that the foundation is committed in empowering the women and called other corporates to support local Programmes such as Stand Up for African Mothers Campaign.

The Amref Health Africa Director General Dr Teguest Guerma noted that Mothers are the heart of communities. They hold families, communities and entire nations together therefore they should be well taken care of as they go through the important process of bringing new life into the world.
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