Chase Group Foundation Donates Ksh15M Towards the Stand Up for African Mothers Campaign

The Chase Group Foundation has for the second year given AMREF Ksh15 million as part of their Kshs45 million pledge towards the Stand Up For African Mothers Campaign. The Foundation has continued to show support to the campaign by investing time and resources to ensure that midwives get the necessary skills required to attend to mothers.  The donation will also be used to create awareness to the plight of mothers by publicising the campaign globally.

Since the launch of the campaign, AMREF has trained 4,909 midwives across the African continent for both pre-service and in-service.  1,809 of these have already completed the training.
Speaking at a media event held at the Chase Group Headquarters, Chase Group Foundation General Manager, Mr Parmain ole Narikae said, “Through the Stand Up for African Mothers initiative, AMREF has trained 624 midwives in Kenya.  This means that about 25,000 families have been impacted in the past year.”  He encouraged local corporates to support local NGOs stating that “charity begins at home” and AMREF having its global headquarters in Nairobi, made it an authentic African NGO.

“Our relationship with AMREF has been a journey that has been fulfilling for both parties. We have continued to foster this relationship not only through The Foundation, but also through our communities who participated during our publicity and fundraising walk in February,” stated Mr Narikae.  

The walk raised an additional Kshs10 million towards the campaign.

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Dr Teguest Guerma reiterated the importance of such partnerships that are very instrumental in addressing the issue of maternal health.  She went on to add that “a partnership without accountability is not good.  We value our partners and we have always strived to be transparent and accountable for the donation given to us,” she said.  

Through the support received from the Chase Group Foundation, AMREF has been able to train 72 midwives from Kenya through the AMREF Virtual Training School.  The funds have also helped AMREF in promoting the proposed nomination of midwife Esther Madudu for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Also at the event was Anne Nyambura Warui, a beneficiary of the partnership.  Anne received a partial scholarship to upgrade from an enrolled community health nurse to a Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse.

She gave an account of how the course has been beneficial to her.  “I am happy that I can mentor others at my workplace who have not been lucky enough to get financial assistance in pursing their studies.  I am grateful for the AMREF and Chase Foundation partnership that has enabled me benefit and be able to tend to mothers well,” she said.  

“It is disturbing to us as midwives when we see mothers die because of complications that we could deal with given the right knowledge and skills.”  Anne works at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole at the Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Clinic.

The relationship between AMREF and Chase Group Foundation has been enhanced in various ways.  A team from Chase Bank participated in a social networking event organised by AMREF UK, where the Bank was able to link up with members of the diaspora.  AMREF Flying Doctors also recently purchased a new plane, and this was made possible through a loan facility from the Bank.


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