Empowering communities to improve maternal newborn and child health

This BCC toolkit is particularly designed to guide organised groups within communities in Makueni County on how to influence both women and men in their midst to drop habits that expose mothers, children and newborns to ill health, and while at it, acquire practices that will help to reduce the high maternal, newborn and child deaths in the region.

It is also for use by programme managers to train community groups on how to develop and implement communication programmes that can bring about change for the benefit of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH).

It is our conviction at Amref Health Africa in Kenya that lasting change is experienced when communities are empowered to promote the change themselves. We therefore offer this BCC toolkit as a resource for everyone who is committed to improving maternal, newborn and child health. Use it, borrow from it, and adapt its recommendations to your specific circumstance.

The toolkit is divided into three parts: The User Guide; the Behaviour Change Communication Strategy; and the Facilitators’ Guide. The simplicity by which it is written and designed makes for easy understanding and therefore implementation towards empowering communities in Makueni.

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