Using Movies to Train Health Workers

Amref Health Africa launches new partnership with Medical Aid Films

Amref Health Africa and Medical Aid Films are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership to deliver essential training for nurses and midwives in Africa. Amref Health Africa began their pioneering work in eLearning in Kenya in 2005 with the assistance of Accenture. This has developed over the years with changing technology and learning through implementation and now Amref Health Africa’s eHealth projects span multiple countries, technologies and various cadres of health workers.

Medical Aid Films produces and distributes films about issues in maternal, newborn and child health, used to support education and training for skilled health workers and community health workers in low-resource settings. 

Film provides a rich medium for clear and engaging, non-corruptible health education that overcomes barriers of low-literacy and can be easily duplicated and shared to deliver a cost-effective, scalable, sustainable approach to the delivery of life-saving knowledge.

Medical Aid Films’ films work best when integrated into established and respected programmes like those at Amref Health Africa, and they seek partnerships such as these where there is added benefit to health worker training and education.


“Amref Health Africa has recognised the power and importance of film as a medium for learning especially in the online context,” says eHealth Project Manager Diana Mukami. “The partnership with Medical Aid Films provides access to a resource that is technically accurate, following latest guidelines and in a clear language that can be understood by the various levels of trainees on their programmes. Through this partnership both organisations hope to evaluate the impact that existing materials have on knowledge change and inevitably practice, and also to investigate the development of new, mutually beneficial resources for training.”

She adds: “We envisage through this partnership that films will be integrated into three training programmes by the end of 2015, beginning with the Amref Virtual Nurse Training School, which will have over 200 students enrolled in 2015.”

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