Our appeal

No woman should die giving birth

Every year in sub-Saharan Africa, almost 162,000 mothers die as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, representing 56 per cent of the global total.  This translates to 800 women dying every day.  Over 80 per cent of these deaths could have been prevented.

Amref Health Africa is deeply concerned about these needless deaths and we believe in a future where no woman dies giving birth, a future where African women have access to quality care during pregnancy and childbirth.  Our intervention to making this future a reality is the Stand Up for African Mothers campaign. 

Support our initiatives by donating to enable us increase the number of skilled midwives through training; sign our online petition and join us in supporting the candidacy of an African midwife for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 to draw everyone’s attention to the plight of African mothers and the urgent need for more midwives in Africa.

Help us nominate an African midwife for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015! Sign the petition now!