Dutch midwives and fundraisers meet Esther Madudu

There is a big bond between midwives, and however different our circumstances are, our profession is about life and death. We are all proud that we help bring lives into the world.”

Esther Madudu to Myrte de Geus, Dutch midwife and president of the (Dutch ) White Ribbon Alliance

Esther Madudu recently toured the Netherlands where she spoke about the SU4AM campaign and the challenges she encounters while undertaking her midwifery dutie.  During her visit, Esther attended several meetings with different partners and stakeholders.

Esther was the keynote speaker during the VnVA Congress (Association of Dutch Female Doctors conference) organised in honor of the 80th anniversary of the association for female doctors.  Speaking during the congress, Esther reiterated the importance of midwives in saving lives of mothers and their babies.  " I am very honoured to represent the work of all midwives in Africa.  This gives me a chance to draw attention to the plight of African women and give them a voice to make people aware of the severe shortage of midwives in Africa," said Eshter.  During the conference Esther urged all the participants to sign the petition to have a midwife nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize 2015.

Employees of AMREF Netherlands partner CZ, a health care insurance company found compelling Esther’s story about the reality of maternal and child health in Africa.  Nearly 50 individual donors of AMREF traveled to Leiden for a personal meeting with Esther. They were all very moved by her story.  So was the Dutch media which published an article about Esther’s experience in the national newspaper ‘Metro’.