Striving For a Clean Manyatta

Sein Shiro is a class six pupil in Sirata Oirobi Primary School. She is the first born of Carolyne Lenimiria, a beneficiary of a dish rack and the digging of a refuse pit. Before the WASH project for trachoma control was introduced in Shiro’s community, her family was not keen on proper hygiene and sanitation practices.

“I think our Manyatta was the dirtiest in the whole village” says Shiro.

“The Amref Health Africa WASH project has changed my life in a major way. I know the benefits of a healthy and clean environment”

Shiro is a School Health Club member in her school and says that the information of proper hygiene and sanitation practices that she has been learning from the club has been important in improving the cleanliness in her homestead. Shiro educate her younger siblings about proper sanitation and hygiene practice and the importance of a clean environment.

Since the introduction of the school health club in her school, Shiro has been imparting knowledge on the importance of keeping a clean environment and how it helps prevent diseases such as trachoma and cholera and in the long run improve the hygiene and sanitation in the homestead.

Shiro even reminds her father to cut down the grass in the homestead and cut down the bushes around it.

She has taken up the responsibility of cleaning the compound and ensuring that the rubbish in the refuse pit is burnt every week. She has even constructed a leaky tin that she encourages the family members to use.

Shiro recalls that through the training and demonstration carried out by Amref Health Africa project staff, her mother ensures that she boils her drinking water and stores it in a clean container which is exclusively used for storing drinking water.

She is grateful for the community toilet constructed by Amref Health Africa. She acknowledges that not everybody uses it but it has greatly reduced the number of people who defecate in the bush hence the environment smells fresh and clean.

With the knowledge she has gained from the school health club, Shiro is determined to keep up the practice of proper hygiene and sanitation and strives to make their homestead the cleanest in the whole community.

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