Open information policy


Amref Health Africa believes that timely free flow of information in simple and accessible language, form and format is essential for ensuring accountability, learning, trust and good performance.

This policy is guided by Amref Health Africa commitment to transparency and to sharing of information. We are also directly accountable to our staff, partners, donors and host governments.

The purpose of this policy is to guide all staff and the whole organisation for open sharing of information. Another purpose is to inform people outside Amref Health Africa what they can expect or demand, in terms of information, from Amref Health Africa.

This policy describes how and what minimum information Amref Health Africa will share proactively with the general public.

Amref Health Africa will share additional information with staff, partners, associates, people and organisations we work with in a timely and accessible manner to ensure respect and accountability to the specific relationship.

This additional sharing of information will be guided by the relevant policies, procedures (and agreements or contracts) related to the specific relationship.

Information to be shared freely and openly

The following sets of information of various categories will be shared freely, openly and proactively:

  • Fundamentals: Amref Health Africa’s vision, mission, values, goals and objectives, strategies, legal registration and status and registered office address.
  • Governance & Key Functionaries: Names and brief biographies of members of Board of Directors, Chair, Chief Executive, Senior Management Team Members.
  • Organisational policies: Key decision making process, in terms of who makes the decision for Directors’ appointment, staff recruitment; performance appraisal; staff development and promotion; strategies, plans and budget approval; reviews and evaluations. For other decision-making processes the organisation’s current organisational policy and operational manuals/documents should also be shared freely and openly.
  • Performance: Current account of lessons, achievements, success, failures, constraints, innovations either directly or through annual reports, review reports and audit statements at least on an annual basis.
  • Staff: Number of staff, gender, nationality, aggregated staff costs, departments and staff per department, staff benefits and allowances. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will only be disclosed where there is a legal or legitimate business purpose.
  • Funds and finance: Types, proportion and absolute figures of income; sources of income, expenditure by categories and heads; planned and actual cost ratio for staff cost, support cost, project cost, fundraising cost, administration cost; funding structure; types and location of fund investments; fundraising methods and products. Information on income and expenditure will be aggregated into sums of $100,000 and above.
  • Relationships: Key relationships we have in terms of which groups of who our partners are, which networks, coalitions, and alliances we belong to and work with, who do we receive money from, where do we invest our money, who are our bankers, auditors, lawyers.
  • Issue-based positions: Our guiding thinking and positions on issues related to our mission, objectives and strategies, particularly those related to active advocacy work.
  • Feedback: A periodic presentation of our stakeholders’ views of us and our performance through annual reports and reports of external evaluations conducted by donors, in conjunction with Amref Health Africa.

Ways and means of sharing information

  • Amref Health Africa will be primarily responsible for sharing information related to its own areas and domains of responsibilities according to this policy.
  • All information shared will be timely. Information shared will be dated to indicate the timeliness.
  • Amref Health Africa will share information mentioned above in English.
  • Information mentioned above under the headings of ‘Fundamentals’ and ‘Key functionaries’ related to Amref Health Africa’s international organisation will be used by all parts of the organisation to share together with their national or regional details. In addition, Amref Health Africa’s country offices and national offices will also use each other’s information to share with their constituencies, especially when they are accountably linked.
  • Amref Health Africa will ensure that all partners and interested parties, including poor and marginalised people and their organisations, have access to timely and quality information in accessible forms and formats.
  • Amref Health Africa’s website will be the main venue for sharing the information mentioned above proactively to wider range of audience. Amref Health Africa within the limits of its resources, will also send information as requested (as per this policy) in electronic or printed form to an authentic address of the person or the organisation requesting information.
  • Anonymous requests for information will not be responded to.
  • Reviewing compliance of this policy will be the function of such staff and units responsible for Amref Health Africa’s Monitoring and Evaluation System. Such review reports will be presented and discussed in SMT and Board meetings at least once year.


Amref Health Africa shall not disclose the following kinds of information:

  • Personal details of staff: address, family details, income, property, sexual orientation, illness and similar information.
  • Intellectual property or other information which has been disclosed or provided to Amref Health Africa under any obligation of confidentiality or which is subject to legal disclosure restrictions, or intellectual property of Amref Health Africa, unless consent of such disclosure has been obtained from the owner of such intellectual property.
  • Legal advice and matters in dispute or under negotiation including disciplinary and investigative information generated in or for Amref Health Africa.
  • Information dealing entirely with internal administration, management or operating systems which has no direct effect outside the organisation, or internal documents written by staff to their colleagues, supervisors or subordinates, unless those documents are intended for public circulation.
  • Fundraising information, sharing of which will jeopardise Amref Health Africa’s competitiveness in a fundraising capacity.
  • It is only in exceptional cases and circumstances that Amref Health Africa can temporarily suspend part or whole of this policy. Such suspension will require approval from Amref Health Africa’s Chair and the Chief Executive. Suspension of the policy will be clearly explained with reasons to people we work with and the general public through the mechanisms mentioned above.
  • In unusual situations (e.g., war, insurgency) of insecurity, threat and vulnerability to the organisation, staff or partners, Amref Health Africa may choose not to share any or selected information for a specified period.
  • Similarly, if sharing of certain information in the specific local situation will make staff and the organisation highly insecure and vulnerable; the relevant Amref Health Africa office may choose not to share the particular information for a specified period.

Board approved November 2007