Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards 2019

Honouring excellence in the Kenyan health sector

With Kenya gearing up to achieve universal health coverage by 2022, stakeholders are steadily building on the milestones achieved so far while addressing the gaps that have been pointed out as potential hindrance to achieving this master plan. All these efforts are premised on the provision of health as a basic right as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution. This commitment resonates strongly with the global community’s aspirations as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Quality for UHC

Quality of services is a key tenet for the realisation of UHC. For this reason, the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards (QHKA) in partnership with Amref Health Africa in Kenya seeks to honour excellence and innovation in the health sector for quality patient-centred care. The initiative takes a health systems strengthening approach to improve standards of health service delivery among health professionals by recognising outstanding performance, fostering innovation and the use information technology, sharing of best practice, uniting the public and private sectors towards a common goal and creating a platform for collaboration.

The first of its kind in Kenya, QHKA has taken on the mantle and seeks to change the narrative and showcase impact of these contributions on the Kenyan health sector for scalability and sustainability. Although the awards do not present a silver bullet to health sector challenges, it is definitely a first step in the right direction and will act as an impetus towards improving the standards of health service delivery.

We acknowledge the vital role of the Kenya Quality Model for Health (KQMH) which takes a systems approach to strengthen the quality of health care. KQMH is a key strategy to better health outcomes and we seek to have a synergistic working relationship with technical experts in Quality Improvement.

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