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Dignity Restored – Paskalia Story

Paskalia happy after receiving dignity pack from Amref

Paskalia Apondi, is an 84 year old a resident of Nambale, Busia County. Paskalia is a mother of four and a grandmother to 11.

She narrates that her condition started in February 2016 after she had her uterus removed after developing complications.

“I cannot count the many times I changed my diapers in a day. My daughter used to buy me mattresses but they only lasted three months because of the urine. My bed sheets would only last for one month because I used to clean them daily. I used to cry every day, and my children thought I would die of the condition. I used to smell and no one wanted to sit next to me, I have been washing my bed sheets since 2016 since I did not want to bother my children and grandchildren. Due to the bad smell, I could not dine in the same room with my children, I used to eat from my room. I could not sit near both my children and those from the neighbourhood because of the smell.

Since 2016, I have not been to church because of my condition. My life changed since I used to farm and run a butchery. I had to close the businesses as no one could run them. My daughter who works in Nairobi would send me money to buy clothes, food and diapers.”

Paskalia heard about the free fistula camp at Webuye County Hospital on the radio and asked her granddaughter to accompany her to the hospital. After the surgery, Paskalia was very excited.

Dignity Restored – Paskalia Story“I am not leaking anymore, I can hold my urine! The doctors were sent by God and I will never forget the good thing they have done for me. I have never seen such a bad condition like Fistula in my entire life. When I tell my daughter that am I healed she will be so excited and I am sure he will look for the doctors to say thank you.”

Paskalia says that she will immediately go back to church and also embark on the daily activities that she could not do when she had fistula. She promises to educate other women that fistula can be treated.

“I will tell women that I went to get treated and I will speak about fistula since it is a painful thing. I pray that one of my grandchildren will be a doctor to help women who are suffering from the same condition.

I am grateful to those who planned this camp because it will help many women out here who are suffering.”

The Fistula camp was organised by the First Lady of Bungoma County in partnership with Amref Health Africa in Kenya, Mani Project and Sulwe FM. The camp was made possible through a generous donation from the Nairobi Cooking Club and other partners. During the camp held from Monday, 30 August 2018 to Friday,3 September 2018 32 women benefitted from fistula repair surgery.

Established in 1992, Amref Health Africa’s Obstetric Fistula programme aims at improving the quality of life for women with debilitating childbirth injuries through surgical and community interventions to prevent obstetric fistula.