HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria

HIV/AIDS, TB and MALARIA Interventions

Accelerating Epidemic control project strengthened the capacity of target districts/ health units and service providers to scale-up voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) services in a safe environment.

33,830 male clients received VMMC services and 17,810 new HIV infections were averted through static sites, wellness centers and community outreaches.

359,892 condoms received from Uganda Health Marketing Group with support from MoH were distributed to sexually active males aged 18 years who received counseling on risk reduction.

33,629 individuals received HCT services. A total of 121 clients who tested positive were enrolled on treatment.


Lessons Learnt

Amref approach of using private teams proved to be effective in ensuring increased coverage, and delivering intended public health interventions as well as timely attainment of periodic VMMC targets. The private teams’ approach of mentoring staffs at public health facilities to offer a standard services proved significant in building capacity for community services beyond the project life span. This coupled with effective engagement of community leaders helped in penetrating high priority age groups.

People feel secure to be circumcised when they see their leaders engaged and involved in decision making and activities. Introduction of youth friendly services such as; organising football tournaments in communities within the catchment area helped in attracting the 15-29 age categories. Also visiting school health clubs achieved reasonable leveraging and coverage of the number of clients in the same age category