Non-Communicable Diseases

Using the Facility-Community Chronic Care Model (F3C) Amref Health Africa provides a full continuum of chronic health care for patients at household, community and facility level. Borrowed from Amref’s HIV programming, the model has been adapted to deliver non-communicable Disease (NCD) services. The model’s continuum of care comprises three levels: household and community, facility level, and linkages.

At the household and community level, community health volunteers (CHVs) are trained to carry out education and awareness on risk factors and lifestyle modification and screening for chronic diseases. Patients screening positive for the diseases are referred to the facility for further care and treatment.

At the facility level, we work through the integrated service delivery model to provide chronic disease care within the existing service delivery points.

The linkage level works two-way. First, clients requiring chronic disease care identified at community level are promptly linked to health facilities for care and treatment through CHVs. Once the clients receive care, they are empowered with knowledge on the disease and aspects of self-management. They are then linked back to the community through community-based support groups and treatment mentors.