Amref Africa COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund

Because of the generosity of Amref Health Africa’s supporters, we activated on-ground measures as soon as the danger of the coronavirus became known and Africa’s first case was reported.

By immediately training Community Health Workers on COVID-19 in collaboration with health departments and community groups, and using technology to quickly spread information, Amref’s actions are already making a BIG difference.


Our strategy is to now scale up those actions and amplify their impact – quickly.


Your donation today will make sure the momentum builds so that together, we protect families in Africa from COVID-19 until vaccines are available.


The cost of non-action or delay will be measured in lives lost.


Donate to Amref. Help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Africa

Your FAST action will save lives through the provision of:

Frontline personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves

Awareness campaign ns to quickly teach people about the virus and how they can protect themselves.

Sanitation including more safe water and handwashing facilities for vulnerable communities

Training of 63,000 Community Health Workers on COVID-19 prevention. Each trained Community Health Worker can support and educate hundreds of people in their community.