NGOs increasingly find that grants and donations are inadequate to meet programme needs. With so many worthy causes that address genuine needs competing for the attention and generosity of the public, even wealthy donors lack the resources needed to fund every worthwhile effort. Furthermore, as populations grow, so do the numbers of vulnerable groups needing assistance from NGOs. New problems can appear, such as Non Communicable Diseases, which demand urgent attention and require substantial amounts of funding. Dependence on grants and donations can also inhibit the autonomy of NGOs to choose which programme activities to undertake and to select the most effective intervention strategies to achieve programme goals.


To assist in achieving sustainability for Amref Health Africa, AEL plans to leverage on its business development and operations expertise to provide consultancy and advisory services on social business development and operations to the Amref Health Africa country programmes as well as other organizations. These will include offering business operational support to Amref Health Africa in all the countries where it is in operation. This is a potential business opportunity for AEL that will be grown during the life of this business plan.