Amref Enterprises Limited (AEL) is the social enterprise arm of Amref Health Africa that is responsible for delivering sustainable social value through incubation and commercialization of innovative solutions conceptualized and developed throughout the organization. Amref Health Africa has embraced social entrepreneurship as a mechanism that combines the efficiency of the entrepreneurial private sector with the welfare orientation of public sector. AEL has positioned itself to strengthen the primary health care system as part of an important ingredient for the achievement of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Africa.


To increase access to health services and the utilization the services that they need, AEL will provide and scale the integrated technology based health services model through the Points of Care at the community level. To reduce the “catastrophic” and “impoverishing” payments resulting from the out of pocket expenditures, the communities will be enrolled and registered into the social health insurance fund using the innovative and scalable technologies that we have developed to provide for financial protection and equity of finance. Towards the contribution to the quality of health services through the defined health benefit package AEL will strengthen the primary health care system through capacity building of the Human Resources for Health (HRH) and the provision of the quality clinical and laboratory services.


AEL seeks to grow organically across the Sub Saharan Africa through generation of new viable ideas and business opportunities guided by the Amref Health Africa strategy, market demand and customer-centricity, prioritization of our efforts as well as attracting and retaining the best talent.


Business models

1. Subscription model: A subscription fee is charged to all users/learners of the different technology platforms – Leap and M-JALi on a monthly basis to access content and other services for a defined period of time. This will apply to the health technology business portfolio as well as the UHC approach

2. Fee for Service: Partners and AEL clients pay for the usage of the clinical services provided by AEL including the development and customization of new content to be loaded on the mobile platforms.

3. Freemium: Extending free access to information to the general public on behalf of the both national and county governments that will allow customers to directly access free products or services in order to stimulate increased demand for those products and services.



To contribute to the lasting health change in Africa and improve the health of communities in Africa by partnering with, and empowering, communities, Health Authorities, Governments and strengthening health systems.



To uplift communities in Sub Saharan Africa through sustainable provision of innovative products and solutions for Health Technology Business, UHC and Clinical Services portfolio.