Emel Mbayela is a nurse at Njombe District hospital. As one of the medical staff, she always wished to provide the best healthcare possible but they needed an intervention. It is fortunate that the support from UNICEF through Amref Tanzania supported the construction of the triage building in Njombe Town Council. “We are so grateful to Amref Tanzania and UNICEF for improving services in the emergency ward to higher quality and standards,” she says, before adding: “ They have also provided us with variety of equipment that assist in the emergency and in infections prevention in Infection Prevention and Control.”

The hospital was also supplied with a set of handwashing facilities that are placed at the reception, at the OPD triage, and OPD entry point. The hospital further received equipment for emergency care such as wheelchairs, stretchers, an examination bed, a gas cylinder, and a modern trolley. “We have also been provided with handwashing points, hand sanitizers, blood warmer machines, and other equipment for to enable smooth provision of emergency services,” says Emel.

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