Our work in Senegal

A major achievement in 2011 was the extension of Amref Health Africa’s outreach work to West Africa.

Amref Health Africa opened it offices in Senegal in August 2011. This is our first programme office in West Africa, and it will also serve as a hub for Francophone Africa.

This new model of ‘hub’ working is a way to expand our activities and reach more communities in need of our interventions in a extremely cost effective way.

The programme, led by Dr Mor Ngom and has 5 members of staff but the number will increase as the programme takes root.

Amref Health Africa’s inaugural outreach mission in Senegal took place from November 23-26, 2011 at the Zinguinchor Hospital. The outreach missions in Senegal focused on surgeries to repair obstetric fistulas, cleft lip and palate repair and cataract removal. 10 health workers received training from visiting Amref Health Africa surgeons to ensure that basic health care provision continues.

The event was well publicised on radio and television, which went a long way in creating awareness about Amref Health Africa’s presence in Senegal. More outreach missions are currently taking place.