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Continuing Professional Development


Short Courses Unit

Amref Health Afica’s mission is to create vibrant networks of informed communities that work with empowered health workers in stronger health systems, in order to ensure that every African has access to the good health which is theirs by right.

This mission is reflected in the training courses that we run, and our determination to build the capacity of the African people to take charge of their own health care. The Short Courses Unit conducts continuing professional development (CPD) short courses ranging from one to four weeks.

GSK 20% Re-Investment Initiative

The GSK 20% Re-Investment Initiative programme is a global initiative to address the shortage of frontline healthcare workers in least developed countries for improvement of global public health. GSK is partnering with Amref Health Afica to develop and strengthen the capacity of mid-level and community health workers in Eastern and Southern Africa. The partnership aims to increase the numbers of trained healthcare workers in rural and marginalised communities to specifically, address the health challenges affecting children and pregnant mothers.

Amref Health Afica is implementing the programme in 15 countries– through Ministries of Health and partner organisations, including Africare in Angola and Save the Children in Mozambique.

Decentralisation of HIV Services in Kenya

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the objective of the project is to develop the capacity of health care workers to improve, expand and sustain the national and community capacity for scaling up access to comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. Through the decentralisation approach, appropriate referral systems have been enhanced where clients can be referred to lower and/or higher level facilities depending on their condition, thus easing the burden on central sites. The project works closely with the Ministries of Health through the National AIDS and STI Control Programme.

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