Dr Tom Rees

Tom Rees matched Mike in good looks and has an equally beautiful wife, the indomitable Nan. Of Welsh coal-mining stock, his grandfather emigrated to Utah and staked out a ranch in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. This is where Tom grew up as a member of the Mormon Church, which believes in giving service to others. Half of the 30-odd Rees family of Tom’s generation are doctors.


There are two basic requirements for a NGO in its infancy, a belief in what you are doing and money. Tom, who had a practice in Manhattan, and his wife Nan began fundraising in the United States in conjunction with friends Sue Pretzlik in England and later the evergreen, indefatigable Leonora Semler in Germany. While they were doing this, Mike worked for nothing. Sue supported the family by running the farm they had bought near Archie’s Ol Orien on Kilimanjaro.


Dr Tom Rees would continue to fundraise tirelessly for AMREF and working in other capacities assisting AMREF to grow until November 2013 when he passed away.


Other highlights of Dr Tom Rees

  • In 1979 Lord Porritt retired as AMREF International chairman and Dr. Tom Rees elected was elected as its new chairman.

  • 1996, Tom Rees, the then Chairman Emeritus of AMREF USA, was given In Chul Song Philanthropic Award from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

  • In 2006 Thomas Rees was awarded a special Community Service Award in recognition of his 49 years of association with AMREF. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery gave the honour to Dr Rees at its annual meeting

  • 2007 AMREF celebrated the opening of a Visitors Centre at Flying Doctors Service by founder Tom Rees.