Innovative Health Services and Solutions

Strategic Focus Area 2: Develop and deliver sustainable health services and solutions for improved access to and utilisation of quality preventive, curative, and restorative health services.


Strategic Objectives and Priority Interventions


Strategic Objective 1: Increase access to quality promotive, preventive, curative and restorative health services among women, children, adolescents and the youth


Priority Intervention: Health services improvement

  • Provide facility and community-based health services (promotion, disease prevention, treatment and restorative) that meet community needs
  • Strengthen referral services between health facilities and communities
  • Co-create and deploy sustainable solutions for increasing health services’ access and quality, working with the civil society, private sector, governments, and communities.


Priority Intervention: Promotive health

  • Work in households to reduce the causes of ill health
  • Package and disseminate health information


Strategic Objective 2: Increase utilisation of health services


Priority Intervention: Demand creation

  • Develop community-centred, affordable, innovative solutions that bridge the health system gaps at the community level
  • Develop and deploy business models for bringing innovations and solutions to the market
  • Scale up service delivery innovations for hard-to-reach communities


Strategic Objective 3: Innovatively improve quality health services


Priority Intervention: Institutionalise quality

  • Support quality assurance mechanisms for health services
  • Promote community-centred care