Investments in Health

Strategic Focus Area 3: Contribute to increased investments in health to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030.


Amref Health Africa has in the last several years made a deliberate decision to create sustainable financial models that subsidise health programmes with moderate success as noted in the Amref Flying Doctors model of cross-subsidising charity air evacuation with member subscriptions for air evacuation cover, as well as training fees at its training institution being used to provide training for health workers in disadvantaged communities.


Below are the specific interventions that Amref Health Africa will undertake to address gaps identified in investment for health in Africa to contribute to the achievement of universal health coverage.


Strategic Objectives and Priority Interventions


Strategic Objective 1: Develop and implement sustainable and scalable models to invest in health


Priority Intervention: Develop and employ sustainable and innovative models for delivery of health care

  • Improve health care through private public partnerships.
  • Harness and employ technology to bridge gaps in access to health services.
  • Manage and provide primary health care commodities


Priority Intervention: Unlock public and private capital for health investments

  • Create and manage targeted funds for mobilising resources
  • In partnership with others, engage and start to learn the use of social impact investments in reducing preventable morbidity and mortality


Strategic Objective 2: Increase financial protection for disadvantaged communities in target countries in order to reduce out-of-pocket costs


Priority Intervention: Mobilise communities for financial protection for health

  • Create a platform for community health workers to promote health insurance for communities
  • Establish community-based insurance schemes


Priority Intervention: Develop and test models for efficient health service utilisation

  • Develop and deploy technology-driven payment models for health care
  • Develop and promote innovative payment models that enhance access for quality health services for the most vulnerable in the community


Strategic Objective 3: Advocacy for increased investments and financial protection of citizens in health in sub-Saharan Africa


Priority Intervention: Create an enabling environment for investment in health

  • Advocate for establishment of appropriate private-public partnership regulatory frameworks
  • Promote research on barriers and opportunities for investment in health
  • Drive global thought leadership on public and private sector investment in health care on Africa


Priority Intervention: Advocate for increased allocation and utilisation of funds in the health sector

  • Advocate for allocation of earmarked taxes to the public health sector, e.g., tobacco and alcohol
  • Empower citizens to demand accountability on health expenditure
  • Advocate for mandatory national health insurance