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Developing a Strong Research and Innovation Base to Contribute to Health Improvement in Africa

A strong research and innovation base is key to identifying new and effective means of improving health across Africa. Over the next three years, Amref Health Africa’s research will focus on influencing positive behavioural change to obtain better health outcomes,
understanding health inequalities, addressing issues around disease prevention and uncovering strategies to build capacity in all areas of health service delivery.

To consolidate its position as a leader in African health development, Amref Health Africa will research and develop position papers on key health issues affecting communities in Africa as well as disseminate information through publication in peer reviewed journals and technical briefing papers.

Amref Health Africa will test innovative methods to deliver health and training across Africa. Through adoption of such methods as e-learning and mobile learning, Amref Health Africa will train significant numbers of health workers. Improving national health information systems will enable more effective data collection and better monitoring to facilitate the replication of successful models across Africa. Amref Health Africa will use this evidence to support its advocacy activities and to positively influence national and global health policy.

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