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About AMREF Health Africa

Amref Health Africa is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and founded in 1957. Our vision is lasting health change in Africa. We began partnering with communities to improve health in Uganda in the mid-1980s, and set up an office in Kampala in 1987.


Amref Health Africa partners with the Uganda Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water, Ministry of Education and Sports and corporate and non-profit organisations to improve access to health services across the country.


Amref Health Africa’s seminal projects in Uganda were related to providing health services and education to communities and local institutions acutely affected by the detrimental effects of ongoing civil and political unrest.

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Our Approach

Since 1957, our way of working has been “African solutions for African Health challenges”. We deliver change by employing consistent approaches, focused on underserved women, men and children in underserved communities. We remain connected through partnership, being resourceful by developing and deploying innovative solutions, being vibrant by investing in existing staff and attracting exceptional talents to achieve lasting health change.


To catalyse and drive community-led and people-centered health system while addressing social determinants f health in Uganda


Lasting Health Change in Africa

Our promise

To improve the lives of disadvantaged people in Africa through better Health care

Where we Are

Implementation sites and Project offices 2021-2022

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