Grace Nabenga Lufu 31, Enrolled Nurse, Kakora Dispensary

“As medical practitioners, we are supposed to wash our hands with soap before and after handling the expectant mother, this was very difficult those days when there was no water. We were using buckets and it required another person to help you pour water while washing your hands; we did not have good handwashing facilities. Today, everything is easy, I just open the tap and water flows. We have a big water tank reservoir, so we have water all the time.

I am excited about all these improvements in our dispensary. Sanitation and hygiene conditions have greatly improved. We have a new incinerator for burning medical waste; we also have a newly constructed placenta pit. Before we used to dispose of placentas from mothers after delivery in pit latrines and they would smell all the time.

We are very grateful to WaterAid and Amref Health Africa.  WaterAid has supported us to have water here, new toilets, incinerator, placenta pit and many other things relating to WASH [Water, Sanitation and Hygiene] improvement. On the other hand, Amref Health Africa is supporting the construction of new labour and maternity block in the dispensary. With these changes, more and more people are expected to come to the dispensary for health care services. “