Lucy Mafulanya: Before Amref came to me I was expecting my life to end

My name is Lucy Mafulanya, I was born in 1961, I am 59 years old I leave at Ilamba village in Ngudu Kwimba, I gave birth to seven children but one died during delivery so I remained with  six only. In 1982 I experienced labor pain and stayed home hoping for a safer delivery, but until the third day I was still in labor pain and decided to go to Ikonongo dispensary at Shinyanga. I stayed at the dispensary for other three days where I delivered a child who had lost its life during the process and I was left with an affected right leg where I failed to walk again. The following day after I delivered, I had severe bleeding and experienced uncontrollable urination. I was advised to go to Moshi. 

 I informed my husband but he refused to support me. He left me with my mother, I had lost hope for cure. In 2019 December, I heard there is a Fistula ambassador who could treat Fistula, luckily enough they came to me and told me that I should go to the hospital, there is a chance for me to be cured. 

Meanwhile, when I was waiting to complete harvesting so that I could get transport fare and visit the hospital. I am very thankful to the Fistula ambassadors who told me there is support given by Amref. After my treatment I will also ask Amref to support others who have the same problem like mine. 

I pray to God for this organization to continue supporting us. Before Amref came to me I was expecting my life to end, due to this situation most people in my community couldn’t stay with me because of the smell that comes out of my body. 

I pray again for this organization to continue supporting us, from now onwards I will be able to socialize with others in the community.