Who we are


Amref Health Africa in Tanzania (Amref Tanzania) was established as one of the country offices of the global Amref Health Africa that was in existence since 1957, been actively engaged in addressing medical and surgical services including community outreach interventions as well as related research studies as Flying doctors Service of East Africa. Amref Health Africa in Tanzania was then established as a fully-fledged country office in 1987.

For more than 35 years since its registration, Amref Tanzania has played a vital and essential role in supporting and facilitating public health initiatives undertaken by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania with close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, PORALG, Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups, and other key ministries in both in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

 Over the years, Amref Tanzania has been applying its unique and indispensable community-based approaches to expand its programmatic and geographical coverage in the country. With its prominent niche of reaching underserved communities in hard-to-reach areas, Amref Tanzania strengthens links between these communities and the formal health systems. From sensitization on promotive health behaviours and prevention of diseases to improving skills and capacity of health care workers and providing enabling environment for functionality of health care facilities, Amref Tanzania facilitates community led solutions for lasting health.

Amref Tanzania aspires to continue to be a strong and reliable partner addressing community health care challenges in Tanzania in the midst of shifting donor funding, growing crises in the global economy, public health emergencies, and unpredictable changes in the operating environment.

Our ways of working distinctly reflected in our passion for our core values. Our values are our guiding principles, defining our culture and uniting us. They are at the very heart of Amref Tanzania – who we are, what we do and how we do it.  The core values we uphold are:

  • Integrity; demonstrating high ethical standards in all our dealings
  • Quality; ensuring excellence is core to our planning and execution
  • Ubuntu; embracing compassion based on our fundamental shared humanity
  • Accountability; being responsible to those we work with, those who support us and communities we serve
  • Collaboration; working with others to maximize impact, respecting diversity and nurturing trustworthiness in quest for a common goal


Amref Tanzania embraces a culture of Leadership as an attitude rather than a role internally while leading non-State champion in and on the health development agenda in Tanzania.

 From January 2024, Amref Health Africa Tanzania has implemented 12 projects, covering 17 regions in Tanzania mainland and all regions of Zanzibar (with over 50% and 16% of the projects being implemented in Lake Zone and Zanzibar, respectively).

The 2023-2030 strategy is guided by the urgency to attain universal health coverage, climate crisis and the intersectionality with health, demographic transition, public health security and emerging health threats; and transformation in data and technology.  

By aligning with national health priorities, sustainable development goals and our strategic direction, our programs prioritize community-led and people-centered health interventions for sustainable primary healthcare. These initiatives not only address immediate health needs but also tackle underlying social determinants, ensuring holistic and enduring improvements in public health outcomes.

Amref’s projects are categorized into eight (8) main thematic areas:

Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health; and Nutrition (RMNCAH-N), Youth, Integrated Primary health Care) I-PHC), Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), Community Health Systems Strengthening (C-HSS), WASH and Climate change, Public health Security and Women empowerment

Our Reach