Our Programmes

Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) Programme

Amref Health Africa Tanzania key focus is centered on improving the health of women and children in the communities, while also engaging and involving men with aim of contributing to the reduction of preventable maternal, newborn, child and adolescent morbidity and mortality in the country. The key focus areas on RMNCAH portfolio are on maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for young people and women of reproductive age. The projects focus on increasing number of skilled birth attendants, access to Reproductive Health (RH) services including  Antenatal, delivery and post natal care, as well as youth-friendly services to address or prevent early/unplanned pregnancies among young people including realization of their SRH Rights.

Maternal, Reproductive and Newborn and Adolescent Health in Undeserved Areas of Tanzania
Disease Control and Prevention (DCP) Programme

Disease Control and Prevention (DCP) Programme

​Disease Control and Prevention programme aims at ensuring quality implementation of community and individual-based interventions for primary and secondary prevention, to  minimize the burden of diseases and associated risk factors. The programme works with targeted communities to improve their health through changing the impact of social and economic determinants on health; the provision of information on behavioral and medical health risks, alongside consultation and measures to decrease them at the personal and community level; nutritional and food supplementation; oral and dental hygiene education; and clinical preventive and curative services. The diagnostic component of the programme ensures that partners have well-equipped laboratories managed by skilled health service providers that have the capacity to provide timely, reliable and accurate information for patient management and disease surveillance.

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) Programme

Amref’s focus in WASH is to ensure communities have adequate capacity to develop, operate and maintain their water sources as well as improve sanitation and hygiene practices in a sustainable way with a view to preventing and controlling water- and sanitation-related diseases, improving nutrition and livelihoods. In this process Amref facilitates the availability and installation of hardware, and focuses on society mechanisms that ensure hardware remains functional, with optimum use of the water available to ensure maximum health benefits. The aim being to increase access to safe and adequate water; increase access and use of appropriate sanitation facilities; promote safe hygiene practices at household level,  health facility level, public spaces in the communities etc, and in schools; contribute to control and prevention of endemic WASH-related diseases; and respond to selected WASH-related disease outbreaks in  areas of operation.

Water, sanitation and hygiene - Amref Health Africa

Capacity Building Programme

Amref Health Africa Tanzania through the capacity building program implement  a number of projects: MAFUNZO project, Stand Up for African Mothers (SU4AM), e-learning and JENGA UWEZO projects  to help develop competencies and skills of people needed to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of these projects.  All of these projects aim at enhancing skills while increasing the number of health care workers who contribute to addressing the shortage of human resources for health in the country. Amref health Africa’s efforts towards increasing the number of health care workers includes the annual fundraising events that mobilizes  individuals, companies and different institutions to contribute, sponsor or support  the Stand up for African Mothers  special projects which gives  a two-year scholarship  to nurse midwives students.