Catherine Tarimo: “Sanitary Pads have led to better academic performance”

Catherine Tarimo is a Health teacher at Kisosoro Primary School in Tanga. She delves into how the distribution of sanitary pads has reduced school absenteeism and increased academic performance among girls.

“I would like to thank Amref, through the Global Fund project, for supporting our school since last year with the sanitary pads to those students under TASAF and those coming from vulnerable environments and those with special needs,” she says. 

According to Catherine, the lack of menstrual pads locked many of these girls from attending school, especially when they were in their menstrual period.

“Many of these girls are now attending class. They are no longer afraid and feel confident unlike in the past. They could not have access to sanitary pads,” she says. 

Catherine further says that many girls no longer abstain from classes. “Since Amref started facilitating the provision of these sanitary pads, we have witnessed many girls showing smiles and also becoming more confident and assertive. At school, we teach them to be more confident and to be closer to them,” she says, before adding: “These girls are now aware of their days and how to use the sanitary pads, and the majority are doing good in class.”

Catherine is indeed grateful for this support extended by the Global Fund Programme, for having enabled many of the girls to attend classes comfortably.  Catherine shares the view shared by many people that safe menstruation improves the development of the girl child in school. “Menstrual hygiene contributes to students getting their education on time because by the time the girl enters her period, she has already got her sanitary pad, which helps her from worrying about how to handle menstruation challenges,” she says.