Healthcare Humanitarian Interventions

Humanitarian Interventions

• To improve health status of South Sudanese refugees and host community children, Amref our Health care emergency interventions;

• Trained 26 government health workers (nurses, clinical officers and mid wives) in IMCI, supporting Immunization outreaches, providing drugs for treatment of childhood illnesses.

• 80 Village Health Teams (VHTs) facilitated to conduct health education and reaching 1,737 households with under 5 children with awareness on integrated management of childhood illnesses among the U5

• In 2017 Amref provided resources, training and technologies in 15 targeted primary schools and improved capacity for menstrual hygiene management.

• 30 (15 senior women teachers, 15 matrons of school health clubs) trained in menstrual hygiene management in targeted 15 schools.

• 30 female peer educators trained as champions in life skills promotion.

• 65 sets of reusable menstrual hygiene pads procured and distributed to schools

• To improve classroom housing and PHASE, one classroom block and water tank was constructed at Unna Primary School. This has improved classroom to pupil ratio and school enrollment.

• 30 school teachers in targeted 15 schools were trained in PHASE promotion and 15 hand-washing facilities procured and distributed.