Dickson Justin Matoli: Restoring Privacy and Dignity of Young Girls at School

Dickson Justin Matoli a headteacher of Bisarara primary school. He has seen noticeable change since the start of USAFI KWA AFYA project, being implemented by Amref in his school. 

According to Dickson, Amref Health Africa has helped them to build a 70,000 Litres water storage tank for rain water harvest in 2019, which has helped in providing drinking water and cleaning their classes as well as toilets. 

“We are grateful to Amref Health Africa for giving us this water tank which is big and we obtain enough water,” Dickson says. He recalls the days before the intervention by Amref, Dickson says pupils used to walk for more than two kilometres to fetch water for cleaning the toilets and drinking. In addition to providing a water tank,  

Amref has also facilitated the school with toilets for both girls and boys. 

“Previously, we had only one toilet which was shared among the boys and girls whereby, there were four holes on each side. These were very few and the holes were almost full, with many cracks on the walls,” says Dickson. Naturally the conditions of the toilet would create bad learning environment for the kids at school. While the project has not completely solved the challenges, there are still shortage of toilets, given the ratio of students to the available toilets. 

According to the headmaster, the project has been helpful especially at time when the school enrolment keeps increasing. The situation would have been worse, he says, without such intervention from Amref.