Dr. Costa Ndunguru is a doctor in charge of Magugu Hospital in Babati district. He is overwhelmly grateful for the efforts exhibited by the government through the Ministry of Health- Emergency Department in collaboration with Amref Tanzania with UNICEF support under the Continued Essential Services (CES) Project.

“It was realized that our outpatient department (OPD) section had no triage area and that our emergence section was not up to standards,” he says. Based on the feedback report, they realized the needed to have a triage unit and an emergency section. As a result, Magugu hospital decided to renovate the whole OPD building. “This was a very smart move because our hospital is located along Arusha – Dodoma, and Arusha – Mwanza highways which are prone to road accidents hence these services are of paramount importance; now with COVID-19 situation, this triage unit helps to reduce patients congestion,” says Dr. Ndunguru.

Dr Costa Ndunguru at the renovated OPD building

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