Rose Josephat Lema. Image ©Adrian Mgaya for Amref Health Africa Tanzania.

Rose Josephat Lema (46) was always a happy woman until after she gave birth to her fifth child. Despite being ecstatic (happy) to have another addition to her family, she faced a very difficult post-partum experience that left her with a debilitating condition: obstetric fistula.

For years, Rose’s life was marked by uncontrollable urination, discomfort, and the painful experience of leaking urine uncontrollably. She couldn’t join in social activities with her neighbors or family members, as she was too ashamed of her condition. 

But one day, Rose discovered the Amref Fistula project after she was visited by Amref trained fistula ambassador, Amref Fistula project is a partnership between Amref Health Africa UK, Amref Health Africa Tanzania, Magu Poverty Focus on Older People Rehabilitation Centre (MAPERECE), and Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) aiming to empower women living with obstetric fistula through appropriate medical care and psychosocial support for community reintegration. For weeks, she received care and treatment from doctors, medical staff, and other specialists at BMC, with the hope of healing her Fistula.

Months passed and Rose’s life began to change. She was no longer experiencing the trauma of leaking urine uncontrollably, and could now take part in different social activities again. Rose was finally able to laugh without fear, and she was overjoyed with happiness and gratitude.“I am so happy! I can finally live again,” Rose exclaimed, her eyes shining with delight. “I never thought I would ever find relief from my condition, but thanks to the Amref Fistula project, I can now lead a life full of freedom and joy.”

Rose continued to participate in the Amref Fistula project, sharing her experience and inspiring others with her story of healing. She reunited with her family and friends who were overjoyed at her recovery, and together, they celebrated the life-changing moment.

With Amref Fistula project, Rose’s life was given a new lease of life, forever marking a new dawn in her life. Her story of resilience remains an inspiration to many women, encouraging them to seek treatment for obstetric fistula and reminding them that they too can be healed.

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