“I have decided, NO MORE CUT to our beautiful girls” – Nashipai Ngomian

Although the Tanzania Sexual Offences Special Provision Act (SOSPA) of 1998 banned the practice of FGM/C, it is still practiced in some Maasai communities. However, Nashipai Ngomian (61) is making a stand in her community and is calling for change. The practice of FGM is rooted in social norms, cultural beliefs, and economic incentives. FGM […]

Restoring hope is what attracted Nasra to become a Community Health Worker.

In 2021 Amref Health Africa under the support of Global Fund identified and trained some Community Health Workers (CHWs) on community TB care for three days. Nasra Issa Salimu, a 22 years’ young lady who was born and raised in Bereko village was a beneficiary and became a CHW and since then she became a […]

Mobile clinic for TB screening conveys smiles in Sakami village

“I am personally very happy and I know a lot of people are happy because they got a chance to do the TB screening for free and it has impacted a lot of people in a very short period….”. This was a part of the response from one of the Medical Assistants named Sophia Mbwana […]

As a motorcyclist, I have gained community trust, respect and recognition

In a small village of Bukulu in Kondoa district, Abuu Salim Chapakasi (52) works hard to save the lives of people in his community. His story is traced back in 1994 when UNICEF had a plan of training Community Health Workers who were appointed by community members as their representatives. He received a six months […]

Traditional healers blend old customs with health training

Hollo Nteba “a traditional healer sells old customs in exchange for new health training”. In rural Tanzania, traditional beliefs that define sickness as an unavoidable part of life often prevail over modern medicine. With few alternatives, isolated populations far from health centers often rely on the traditional healers for health issues. Incantations and medicinal plants are […]


Habiya village is one of villages where women encountered challenges pertaining childbirth. These challenges included limited healthcare services for pregnant women and inadequate equipment which derived to the loss of lives of women in some instances. The same situation has been experienced in the other regions and for that Maternal Mortality rate is still high.  […]


There are so many myths around fistula in our communities. Normally, women who are diagnosed with this problem face stigma and some endure shame and pain for the rest of their lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, worldwide, up to two million women may be living with fistula. However, the stigma that surrounds the condition causes many cases to go undiagnosed and therefore untreated, sometimes for years […]