Story of Change: People Can Change, hear Paulina’s experiences

Born in the village of Zagayu in Itilima district, Tanzania, Paulina Boniface Dotto, 53, has been working with the Uzazi Uzima (Kiswahili for “Safe Deliveries”) project implemented by Amref Health Africa. She devotes her time to promoting the value and importance of antenatal care services (ANC). Paulina started working as traditional birth attendant and she was later trained to become an active Community Health Worker (CHW) in her village.  Zagayu Centre is one of the health facilities supported by the Uzazi Uzima project. Through the […]

Story of Change: Enhancing the Provision of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health Services

For the past four years Sibaba Kiseja, 56, has been working as a Village Executive Officer for Habiya Village in the Simiyu region of Tanzania. He has been very instrumental in ensuring his village members are aware of the health services accessible while advocating and working closely with other leaders to improve the provision of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) services. His village is among the ones benefiting through the Uzazi Uzima project interventions aimed at improving the provision of RMNCAH services.  Habiya Dispensary in Itilima […]

Ending FGM in Kilindi District, Tanga Region – A story by Dr. Jane Sempeho

When we think about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Tanzania, there is a lot of concern on the effects that it has on the lives of the young girls. Many people have contributed their efforts in ending it and among them we have Dr Jane Sempeho. She deserves a tribute , due to efforts she made […]

More than 300 Girls graduate into womanhood without ‘The Cut’

Amref Health Africa in Tanzania through the Integrated ARP and WASH project in Kilindi held anAlternative Rite of Passage (ARP) training and graduation ceremony engaging both girls and boys from Kilindi District, Tanga Region. During the three-day training, a total of 300 girls graduated into womanhood at the Alternative Rite of Passage celebration. The week started with training sessions […]

It’s a ‘Curse’ for Girls Who Did Not Undergo FGM

Through Integrated ARP and WASH project in Kilindi, Amref Health Africa in Kilindi contribute a lot to educate Maasai elders who believes that curse will follow those who did not undergo FGM.  Sawasawa Lopejo a Maasai elderly leader overseeing Maasai communities in seven regions in Tanzania says “We believe that a girl who is not cut is a source of bad luck in the […]

Hope is what made me healthy and the new me – Jamillah testifies

The Ngamiani Health Centre remained in Jamila’s life memory as it is where her hope of living journey started.   Jamilah (42) saw the lights of living a normal and healthy life after a long time of scaring and ignoring the idea of going for HIV testing. Jamila largely thought of any possible social stigma something that she never wanted to experience.   Although she had noticed some signs of being infected with HIV, her inside voice cautioned her not to go for HIV testing.  […]

Church Leaders join efforts towards combating HIV/AIDS in the communities

Father Emanuel J Masoud, who is at the forefront  leading the  HIV/AIDS section at the Anglican Church in Zanzibar believes that;  the church has  a  great contribution and  ability to  influence people  on the ground when it comes to ways of reducing or  combating HIV/AIDS. Amref Health Africa Tanzania, through its five-year Afya Kamilifu project which is funded by PEPFAR through the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in Tanzania supports the Anglican Church which […]

A Story of Salome Joel Maguha: “My husband had married another woman, he said I was smelling urine”

Born at Nyang’anga village in Sukuma ward in Magu, Mwanza region, forty-two -year old Salome Joel Maguha has had two miscarriages due to fistula. “In September, 1999 at around 14:00, I had labor pain and was expecting to deliver at home with the assistance of a traditional birth attendant….However, on the second day, at around 20:00, the traditional birth attendant failed to […]

Lucy Mafulanya: Before Amref came to me I was expecting my life to end

My name is Lucy Mafulanya, I was born in 1961, I am 59 years old I leave at Ilamba village in Ngudu Kwimba, I gave birth to seven children but one died during delivery so I remained with  six only. In 1982 I experienced labor pain and stayed home hoping for a safer delivery, but until the third day I was still in labor pain and decided to go to Ikonongo dispensary at Shinyanga. I stayed at […]