E learning program improves midwifery skills- Ketty’s story

Akullo is one of the students who, in 2015, enrolled for the Nurses and Midwifery upgrade at Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery. She opted for the e-learning mode of study.  This method of study enabled her continue with her work at Kigaraale Helath Center 111 in Kyenjojo District.

Akullo was able to practice what she studied immediately she returned to the facility and she had a full time mentor at the health center.  This helped her excel in her studies. In March 2018, Ketty was the best performing student of the 2015-2017 intake. She excelled with distinctions and came top of her class.

“Although we sat the same exams as students who studied from regular classroom settings, I was able to beat all of them.” She states that she was quickly given a job at Kikagaale Health Center III as a midwife before her graduation.

“I found that e-learning was a friendly option because I was able to juggle books, family and work,” Akullo says.

“By the second semester, I had acquired knowledge on how to manage challenging health procedures that I couldn’t handle before the upgrade.”
Akullo adds that besides the busy schedule at the health center in Kikagaale, she always created time to train fellow staff on the new medical trends in midwifery that she had studied during the e-learning program.

“I don’t regret enrolling for e-learning because it enables you practice what you have learnt in real time. Today, I fully use the tools provided in my studies, like the partograph. I can now undertake timely decisions to save mothers and deliver healthy babies in whatever condition.”

Akullo adds that, with the knowledge she has acquired, she does not have to wait for the doctor’s intervention. In most critical situations she can ably perform the procedures with confidence. “The e-learning course has strengthened my capacity in terms of service delivery,” Akullo says.

Following her excellent performance, Akullo was transferred to Amugo Health Centre III, in Alebtong district, as the lead midwife.

The E-learning project is an initiative, led by Amref Health Africa, with funding from Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Health, Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Examination board and the Uganda Nurses council.

Akullo says the community welcomed her and she managed to get her second job at Amugo health center III, where I am currently practicing. In just the first two months of my arrival, I have delivered 85 babies. Am proud of what I have been able to do with my new skills.