Renovation of 32 bore holes in Amuru district increases access to clean water

A group of bore hole maintance group in Amuru renovating a bore hole.

“I would like to appreciate AMREF HEALTH – AFRICA in UGANDA for its comprehensive approach towards the rehabilitation of our 32 non-functional boreholes across Lamogi Sub County and drilling new boreholes, this is really tremendous work.” Said Mr. Okello Walter the Chief Lamogi Sub County. 

Mr. Walter Okello the sub-country chief  of Lamogi  in Amuru district
Mr. Walter Okello the sub-country chief of Lamogi in Amuru district

The drilling of new boreholes has helped us as a sub-county to extend services to the grassroots if it wasn’t the bad road, I strongly believe at the four (4) boreholes would have been fully constructed by today. He added.

He also explained that AMREF Health Africa in Uganda has not only trained communities on sanitation but also trained 22 Pump Mechanics from the local community with the capacity on how to repair and maintain boreholes. “In Lamogi Sub County, each borehole serves more than 300 household where each household has 5 to 8 people.” Mr. Okello also explained that in the start the Sub County used to rehabilitate those water sources but the annual budget was low to facilitate all the 32 boreholes in the sub-county that we appreciate AMREF for coming on board.  

Currently, 92% of households have latrine but before AMREF stated its implementation, only 30% of households had latrines and through the PIWA MALENG project now communities have adopted the idea of constructing safe latrines.

Access to clean  and safe water  has improved the quality of life in Amuru District
Access to clean and safe water has improved the quality of life in Amuru District

Even during COVID19 Pandemic, our communities have been able to utilize the available water sources to maintain the sanitation and many are vigilant of COVID19 and the waterborne diseases.

Many hand pump mechanics have been trained and contracted to carry out the repairs, under supervision from Amref. Their main role is to repair, replace the entire hand pumps, replace of rusted pipes, center plates, and cylindes.

A pump attendant showing off some of her tools
A pump attendant showing off some of her tools

As a sub-county, we have almost achieved our dream of rehabilitating all our boreholes at least in the first six (6) month of the project implementation and I believe in the next six month we should have kicked out water shortage in our community.

I would also like to appreciate the partnership, teamwork, and trust from Amref Health Africa for enabling us to meet our priorities as a district we have been always working with district and community leadership and we greatly appreciate the facilitation support.

Imagine it would have taken us five (5) years to achieve this if the district was in charge of rehabilitation because our annual budget alone is not enough to cater for all this project. Before Amref come in Lamogi Sub County, 80% of our boreholes had broken down and yet it takes us a full year to rehabilitate just one borehole at the same time, 10% of the community had latrines but in the same situations, one (1) latrine is used to save 5 families. We also had a lot of waterborne diseases for example Typhoid fever, cholera, and diarrhoea.

Currently, our main role as the local government is to supervise, mobilized, and coordinate the construction of the remaining boreholes, was shall also come up bylaws to regulate borehole usage at the community level with support from the councilors.