Sanitation Promotion and Financial Inclusion Support Households to Invest in Safer Latrines

Sanitation Promotion and Financial Inclusion Support Households to Invest in Safer Latrines

Woynishet Samir lives in Bedatu kebele, Adama city, Oromiya. She is 60, living with her husband and grandchildren. Woynishet is retired from her work and her livelihood depends on the income she gets from her pension and support from her children (3000 ETB per month in total).

Woynishet and her family used to rely on a poorly constructed pit with a wooden seat that was both unsafe and uncomfortable. “We suffer a lot because the pit is about to collapse since it is only made of wood and no adequate superstructure at all.  In addition to this, the pit has many holes and is often exposed to fly breeding. The seat is uncomfortable and unclean, and it costs me a lot for pit emptying. My grandchildren often prefer to use a plastic bag during the night and throw it away in the ditch early in the morning,” Woynishet said. She adds, “this situation makes us lead an unhealthy life and indeed we spend so much for medical costs since my grandchildren and myself get sick with diarrhoea about every six months.”

Yeshimebet is a sanitation marketer in Bedatu kebele. She is responsible for marketing improved sanitation and hygiene across the kebele. One day, she knocked at Woynishet’s home where they had the opportunity to discuss the importance of improved sanitation and an opportunity Yeshimebet brought to Woynishet.  “That was the first day I found relief for my worries, but, I was confused about the design of the toilet, particularly about it being a double pit and only 1.5 meters deep. From my experience and what I have seen from my neighbours, a toilet is typically constructed around 7 to 8 meters deep so that it cannot fill quickly,” she described.  Yeshimebet was able to explain the features, benefit, advantages and cost of the FINISH Mondial toilets using a latrine catalogue which she usually carries during door to door marketing. Yeshimebet shared a documentary video from her smartphone with Woynishet which shares testimonials from previously constructed FINISH toilet users.

“Thanks to Yeshimebet, my confusion was cleared and I have thought a lot about the benefits and features the toilet offers. The toilet I chose is the one with a double pit and pour flush, costing 12,805 ETB. Since I’m a member of one of the SACCO’s in our kebele, I was able to access a 13,000 ETB loan and proudly get this beautiful toilet,” Woynishet explained with a charming smile.

“This toilet is by far better than the previous one. The life I used to live was exhausting.  This improved toilet conserves space and I strongly recommend others get it as it is the best technology and a wonderful, safe toilet. My neighbours have even been visiting my new toilet and asking me where to get the service,” she added.  

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