Who We Are

Since 2002, Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia has partnered with the Government of Ethiopia and local communities to implement diverse health and development project portfolios throughout the country. Our staff of more than 200 are based in our head office, five regional offices, and eight sub-regional offices, reinforcing our proximity to the communities we serve and our strong coordination capacity within and between the regions.  With our communities at the center of our work, we focus on our two strategic pillars – human resources for health and innovative health services and solutions, under which four key programmatic areas are:

These programmatic themes strategically engage cross-cutting issues including gender and social inclusion, policy and advocacy, research, and innovations and technologies. Additionally, our organization also engages in clinical outreach interventions and emergency programs, including nutrition and resilience building of affected communities through projects that aim to improve livelihoods of communities and reduce their vulnerability to shocks, such as droughts and other natural disasters without compromising long-term development.


Amref Health Africa has become the largest Africa-based international health development organization with offices in 18 countries, and over 60 years of expertise across the globe. In 2019 alone, Amref implemented more than 150 projects, directly reaching more than 12 million people across 35 African countries. Our extensive experience in the health sector has earned us the trust of both governments, through their Ministries of Health, and communities, particularly those marginalized and hard to reach. This has given us the necessary legitimacy to enter into partnerships with more than 150 agencies including local and international NGOs and donors.

Our Programmes

Our programmatic approach is aimed at supporting the well-being of healthy, productive and prosperous Ethiopian communities, designed through our theory of change framework that enables us to empower the communities we serve by building strong health systems.

Maternal, Neonatal,Child, Adolescent And Youth Health

Amref Health Africa works to improve the reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health status of women and children in line with the Government of Ethiopia’s priority agenda of meeting health quality and equity challenges reflected in the Health Sector Transformation Plan.