Women Empowerment

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The empowerment of women and girls in all spheres is a necessary condition for eliminating gender inequality and creating women’s own spaces, which requires interventions at different levels and requires programmatic and policy actions to improve women’s access to and control over different resources, such as information/education, resources, economics, social and political spaces. There is also a need to engage men/boys and other community members to raise awareness of the importance of women’s participation and decision-making at all levels and to create an enabling environment for social transformation in which gender equality norms flourish.

Theory of Change

Problem: Adolescent girls and young women have poor participation in public spaces and there is high SGBV prevalence in the project implementation area.

Change: Improve the participation and decision-making of women and adolescent girls in the public space and prevent SGBV in the community

Primary Outcomes

Meaningful participation and leadership of women and adolescent girls strengthened.

Transformed community attitudes and beliefs against discrimination of women and adolescent girls

Access to gender-based violence response services is improved.


Gender transformative programing using the socio ecological model

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Women Empowerment