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As one of the key partners of the Government of Ethiopia, Amref Health Africa implements a number of health projects in conflict affected areas of Ethiopia, and reaches large number of communities through its health, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and disease prevention interventions.

Due to the conflict that lasted for two years in North Ethiopia, local government health system has been overburdened and highly challenged to provide essential health services, particularly to displaced mothers and children, and to those who managed to return home. Targeting young women, mothers and children, who are highly vulnerable, we have been mobilizing resources to provide urgent humanitarian assistance and contribute to the health system restoration efforts so essential health services could be rapidly provided in the confl­ict affected regions as well as in camps where displaced people have been sheltered.   

With financial support from the National Postcode Lottery of the Netherlands, ‘Tena Leselam’ – ‘Healthcare for Peace’ is a three-year project that aims to contribute towards reducing the negative impacts of the conflict on the health and nutrition status of women, children and adolescent girls in selected districts of Amhara region.

The project mainly targets women, children and young people, not only because they are often the hardest hit in emergencies, but also because they are a driving force for health and peace.

Through implementation of these key activities, the project contributes to a healthy and safe environment for people affected by the conflict and have a fly wheel effect on the existing development projects in the region and beyond. 

Our Key Interventions 

Tena Leselam project - Amref Ethiopia

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