Disease Prevention and Control

Disease Prevention and Control Programme
Disease Prevention and Control Programme

Amref’s work extends to the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, cervical and breast cancer, and neglected tropical diseases (NTD). We believe integration of health practices is the most efficient way of bringing comprehensive services to people we serve.

Trachoma is one of the NTDs prevalent in Ethiopia. Amref has not only been making steady progress in treatment for Trachoma, but also for its prevention. Our Trachoma Elimination project implements the World Health Organization’s SAFE (Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial Cleanliness, and Environmental Hygiene) strategy. We have successfully strengthened the capacity of health workers and regional and woreda leadership to eliminate trachoma, and have further established Primary Eye Care Units at local health facility levels.

Amref also supported COVID-19 prevention vaccine program roll-out in various regions. In 2022, we supported the delivery of nearly 8 million dozes. Our intervention includes community awareness raising and engagement, deploying COVID vaccine teams in hard-to-reach areas, strengthening the national plan and coordination, logistic and supply management support, strengthening surveillance system, and more.

Our Key Achievements in 2022

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