Berhane Demisse

Berhane Demisse, Board Member, Amref Health Africa, Ethiopia

Berhane Demissie, co-founder and managing partner of Cepheus, is responsible for the overall management of the Fund in Ethiopia. Her roles include deal sourcing, execution, portfolio management, investor and market relations and exit management. Birhane serves as a member of Cepheus Investment Committee. She has over 10 years of Private Equity experience in Ethiopia and, prior to founding Cepheus, served as a Senior Consultant to the Public Financial Enterprises Agency in Addis Ababa for five years, where she engaged in the Government’s reform program of the public financial institutions. She also worked for Citigroup in London as a member of its Corporate and then Portfolio Risk Management groups. Berhane holds BSc (Hon.) from Greenwich University, and Higher Diploma (DIC) and an MBA from Imperial College in London.

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